About me

I’m a yoga teacher, communicator and lifelong learner.

My specialties are talking quickly and daydreaming. I speak French, I’m refreshing my German and I continue to posticipate the day when I will start studying Spanish properly. But I’ll do it.

I think smiling makes life easier and enthusiasm makes everything taste better. I’m waiting for teleportation to be invented, and in the meanwhile I’m pretty pleased with my legs.

Sound body sound mind, I’m vegan, I practice yoga and energy healing and I treat myself – and everyone I meet – as a best friend would do. I believe everyone should be more conscious of our actions and I do my best to make the world a little bit better.

I love direct people, the sound of waves, green tea and hiking. I nourish myself with culture and with that feeling of connection that you find reading a book. From my hometown, I would keep my favorite stone beach and my grandma’s apple pie.

I don’t like asking for help, long nails and mayo.




8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Ciao Giorgia vorrei contattarti per farti conoscere un progetto che sto realizzando insieme ad altri ragazzi. Considerando i tuoi interessi potresti esserne interessata.

    p.s. proprio bello il blog

    Buon lavoro

  2. Ciao Giorgia grazie al tuo blog potrò arricchire una lezione di geografia sulla foresta di Bialowieza alla mia classe domani!
    Brava! Buon lavoro, Miriam

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