My works

Here are collected the works I’m doing at the moment, along with some of the articles and reportages I’ve written in the past few years.

Limonatarap is my personal poetic blog, where I post my poems in Italian (sorry) and English, as well as some personal reflections.

The most recent news of what I am up to are published on Yogacara, the website of the nonprofit that I founded and which I am working at..

In section Latitudeslife are the reportages, travel insights, tips and travel news about various parts of the world. Everything is written in Italian, sorry.

In section London School of Journalism are some examples of the works I’ve written during my course at LSJ: mostly features, news and reviews about places based in London.

The section studentsofar is about the blog thought for young people living abroad – it was the origin of this website and my first approach to web writing. There are posts, some recipes (cooking tips for dummies) and funny pictures, just to make you smile.

Under websites I review some websites that I’ve created for friends and family, mostly as a happy volunteer and to practice new skills. It’s clear that I’m not a web designer, but they serve their purpose.

Finally, the section with my cultural projects: my digital exhibition and my online publication MoltiMedia.

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