Digital Exhibitions

digital exhibition is the showcase of cultural content on a digital platform, using a variety of technology and mediums. It’s not only an image gallery, but there is a curational approach and a cultural story beyond. Also, with informative texts giving concept and context, it’s more than a website. With an hypertextual structure, the digital exhibition is more than a book. And with the features of the more advanced tecnologies, it can boost the communication and visibility of an exhibit. Art, literature, poetry, music, cinema, history and much more can be shown in a digital exhibition: it’s the content that shapes the structure.

  • Interactive
  • Informative
  • Adaptive
  • Attractive
  • Shareable
  • Enhanceable
  • Innovative
  • Manageable
  • Discoverable
  • Measurable
  • Durable

Creating a digital exhibition requires competencies in digital publishing, web design, graphic, communication, storytelling, archive management, content management and the perfect knowledge of the subject on exhibit. Many people work in this field, and I’m one of them.

John Alcorn graphic and illustrator


Here’s my first digital exhibition, an overview on one of the most versatile and prolific designers of the 20th century, John Alcorn (1935-1992).

With the display of hundreds of images preserved in the Alcorn archive –  preserved at the Centro Apice (Words, Image and Publishing Communication Archives) of the University of Milan – this digital exhibition is an effort to explore the creative process behind his multifaceted visual inventions and the aspects of his work that are still essential today, even in a field dominated by digital and virtual technologies.

Almost 400 of documents and original texts in English and Italian show the prolific career of the artist, including both original drawings, such as preparatory studies that trace the different steps of the graphic and typographic design, and published material, such as illustrations, billboards, posters, book covers, brochures, leaflets, pictures.

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