Explore more than 100 workshops at Kawai Purapura

Voices of Sacred Earth 2018 eco-festival is only one week away (23-25 March) and it’s the perfect time to plan your own festival. Explore the final timetable and choose your favourite themes.

  • Have fun exploring Creative Arts: play with your personality and join a theatre workshop with Jen Hyde and learn how to express yourself through poetry with a Gus Simonov.
  • Free your spirit with Dance and Music: let your body move at the sound of Grammy Award winner Chris Berry‘s African drums, sing out loud Maori ancient stories along with Matiu Te Huki‘s deep voice, listen to your intuition and express your inner self through dance with Priscila Costa and relax on a mat in a sound journey with Sika‘s World Tribal Music.
  • Learn from Cultural and Wisdom Keepers: welcome the sunlight energy through ancient Maya practice with Xiwico, learn Te Maurea traditional Maori massage in a hands-on class with Ruatau Perez and find out about indigenous American tribes watching Jeff Huamanchiq Wium‘s movie Wisdomkeepers.
  • Get a chance to experience powerful Healing techniques: balance Ying and Yang in your body and activate your self-healing energy with Master Sunny Lu, find your magic in an esoteric ritual ceremony with Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber, learn how to clear your chakras with the power of mantras in Utkarsh Sanjanwala‘s Transformational yoga class.
  • Widen your knowledge on Sustainability and Environment issues: understand the role of taste in making food choices with Louise Darragh-Law and her Searchless Raw Diet, discover the qualities of ecovillages and permaculture with Robina McCurdy and learn Traditional Composting techniques with the Compost Collective crew.
  • Bring your Kids for an exciting programme of creative play: they will play and dance with the nature-based activities of Little Voices, dance with horses on the grass with the Equine Pathfinders Foundation, discover the beauty and fun of yoga with Karin van Kooten and learn how to make macrame bracelets with Ramiro Ibarlucia.

And so much, much more.

Join us for a weekend of fun, wisdom and nature. Indulge on the earth and nature, taste delicious and healthy food, shop at our selection of vibrant market stalls, follow your heart in the healing circle. Tickets are on sale here, tell your friends!


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