What you need (two people)

1 chicken breast
2 spoons extra virgin olive oil

How to prepare

Turn on the oven at the maximum level, with heat under and over and no ventilation. Separe the two half of the chicken breast with a knife and remove the little bones. Put it in an oven dish, add extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with marjoram and thymus – you can also add some pepper if you like it spicy, or try with some other herbs, as the recipe is so simple.

The only thing you have to do now, incredible but true, is to put the dish in the oven and wait. After 15 minutes, check the colour of your chicken, and if it’s white, turn it to the opposite side and add some more herbs. Let it cook for some more 15 minutes and check it again.

You should leave it in the oven until you see the external part becoming a little yellow-orange: this means that the meat is soft in the middle and crispy outside. Don’t wait too much or it will burn, turn the oven off and, being careful not to burn your hands, transfer your chicken breasts in two dishes. Now you can add more pepper, salt and salad or other vegetables you like: call your friend, dinner is ready!

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