Jumping monkey


I realized that by quickly scanning my resume, people may think I’ve been jumping like a monkey from one experience another. It’s part of my nature of insatiable curious, and a closer look will reveal that there’s two fils rouges that link all my experiences. One is reading. Looking for knowledge. Learning. And the second one is digital technologies. Web publishing. Storytelling on the net. This monkey has been pursuing her passions.

After many uncertainties, I realized that my first love and source of inspiration is reading. Books, handbooks, news, blogs, travel journals, websites, drafts. I remember 6 years-old myself falling in love for the first time with a pocket book called “Rosalia” and reading it every day during the break at school. Sitting on a chair, happy and completely absorbed by those wonderful pages. That feeling is what I’ve always been searching.

The biggest satisfaction I’ve had in my brief career was when I helped other people to enhance their writings or talking. At Latitudes, I received articles from journalists and bloggers, I fixed them and then published them on the web magazine. I interviewed people and then transformed their words in interesting articles. More recently, in my project MoltiMedia I’ve been working closely with a writer and helped him to create a modern and attractive book.

I like to be part of the connection between the audience and the organization that may interest him. Even when I was a child, I didn’t want to be like Rosalia, but I was fascinated by the way the author described her. What aspect did he point out? What is the attribute that tells more about her? And how another author would describe this hero?

And all this reading, writing and helping people and organizations to express their creativity in the best way, works perfectly in a digital system. Technology adds pepper and a bunch of amazing possibilities to storytelling. Not only for a novel or an essay, but also for any content that has to be delivered in a direct, effective and attractive way through digital technologies. Culture, literature, art, history, science, news, business, brand identity. You know it. And that’s what I do.

Where will this monkey jump now? Who knows.


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