Postcards from Down Under


Finally I’m back writing and ready to share my thoughts from Down Under. A lot of things changed completely in these months in Australia, life seems to spin faster when you are far away. Surrounded by novelty and awesomeness, I’ve been watching carefully how is life on the opposite side of the world. It surprised me, inspired me, thrilled me, sometimes it even made me jealous or upset. And curious, as always. In this big and relatively empty land, people live more relaxed and with different values. Let’s be honest, nothing is perfect. But even if it’s not heaven, there are a few ideas that I will take home with me.

Stay easy. From physical appearance to everyday stress, the common attitude is very calm. You can feel it walking in the street and observing people passing by with multicolored hair, barefoot or with sandals in every season, diverse or eccentric styles and outfits that in old-fashioned Europe we would quickly classify as inappropriate. There’s much more important things to care of. You don’t feel judged, you are free to be as you are.

Self expression is much smoother if you don’t see eyes looking at you and imaginary fingers pointing at every imperfection you may show. All immersed in doing our own business, you can let your energies flow and spend your time more effectively. You can be creative. You can find your way without listening too much to outer expectations. You can try new paths.

Probably history played a big role in this easygoing and open Australian attitude. In a country mainly built by immigrants, everybody deserves a second chance. Everybody can try its best and dream to be successful. Also, it’s totally fine that life can have ups and downs. You can be a businessman and then work as a waiter for some weeks while you look for a new job in a higher position. You can live in a car or a camper van for a while. You can quit your career and go back to studying at any time. Whatever, it’s your life. Use it.

As long as you are happy, it’s always positive to be able to choose a path freely. What is the problem if you change your mind? There’s always time to make mistakes, learn and move forward. The world will keep going and the future will bring something new. A progress, ultimately. Experiences make you rich. Life goes beyond your working hours. Being temporary, the job you have is not the most important thing on earth. Free time is sacred. Sport is essential. Surfing. Staying in nature. Camping. Barbecues. Drinks with friends.

Conscious that even your brilliant career can have lower moments, you can better empathize with people that have less. Homeless people, for example. You can think about social issues and use some of your happy time to actively support the community. The value of help, physical or economical, is something that I see here much more than back home. And I hope it will spread without boundaries.


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