Hello world!

Students from all the countries, here’s my website. I’m a journalist student, and I’m living abroad, so I decided to write a blog for people like me, who are living “so far” from home because of their studies and who wouldn’t mind going even further… It’s amazing how many things you see and you do when you move around: why would we have to comfortably stay  in our hometown or in our region? I have no idea.

Anyway, this blog is aimed to publish news from different countries and stories about students. But as we are eclectic people with a lot of interests, the website will have also other sections for culture, gigs, music, movies, travels, jobs and, why not, food.

I hope you like it and, please, give me feedback!



2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. “why not, food.” … considering where you’re currently living….please don’t talk about food!!! But you’re definitely in the right place for culture, gigs, music, movies and jobs 🙂
    Oh, by the way, I miss you fratella!

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