It’s amazing how people decide to turn up their lives as they understand what they really want. One day everything is fine and the day after something happens and they realize that all they were used to do, just don’t suit them anymore. And they change. That’s what happened to Zuzana.

Sitting on the bus, her eyes turned towards the window, Zuzi is following the path of her thoughts, ignoring the dozen people chatting around her and the speaker announcing every stop. Concentration is hard in a noisy place, but not impossible if you are used to meditate.

Picture: Sérgio Castro

Zuzana Grygarova, 26-years old shiny girl from the Czech Republic, has deeply changed her life since she “got in contact with spirituality” last summer. Being brought up in a family where reason was the highest quality, she took a degree in Psychology at the University of Westminster but instead of training as a psychoanalyst, she decided to switch into spiritual counseling.

Meditation has helped me to accept my feelings and become the real me. For almost 26 years I had repressed my emotions hiding behind an analytical mask and believing that love is something you have to fight for. But I was wrong. Feelings are our best nourishment and love is everywhere: you just need to allow it into your heart.”

Five years ago Zuzana moved to London with her English boyfriend to attend a university here: she found a new home, new friends, new experiences. Everything was fine, at least on the surface, until her father became ill with cancer in 2008 and died in a few months, making all her beliefs fall apart. “I was so confused and didn’t know who I was, what I had to do in my life…” Endless questions filled her mind but she couldn’t find any answer.

She finished her studies in Psychology, as her father would have liked, and in March 2010 her boyfriend and her joined an HIV organization to help people in Uganda. Things were not going well and their lives were even threatened by a dangerous demonstration in Kampala. After that they abandoned the programme and went travelling around Asia. Frustrated by their experiences, they couldn’t enjoy the holiday and returned to England.

In that period Zuzi started to write a diary, never stopping to ask herself the reason for all that pain in her life. “I guess situations were getting worse and worse because instead of listening to my feelings, I was going against them. ” Although confused, she was aware that her life needed a change, but she was unable to make any decision.

And finally came the change. Last August her mother took her to a regression therapy course in the countryside of the Czech Republic, where she learned how to re-experience past traumas including the birth trauma. Also she met a guru who awoke her spiritual energy by an act called Shaktipat: he gave her a part of his power by touch.

“I felt something I couldn’t explain: the energy grew in my chest and filled all my body. I was completely connected with myself and realized that life was much deeper than it seems.”

Zuzi smiles and her emerald green expressive eyes shine while she passionately says she has finally found out that all the answers lie within herself.

Changed by that powerful experience, she came to England, eventually broke up with her boyfriend and found a job as a support worker for people with brain injuries. In the last few months she had been meditating every day, almost everywhere, including the bus.

Driven by her inner energy, Zuzana became interested in spirituality: she started a spiritual counseling course and attended a meditation retreat with a teacher, disciple of the Hindu sage Ramana Maharishi. To follow him, she is now moving back to the Czech Republic, where she’ll continue her life journey. “I believe I’ve found my way because everything is falling into place: without any effort I got a room in Prague and a job as an interpreter for an English healer.”

Positive and enthusiastic, Zuzi looks truly happy and says: “From my experience, meditation doesn’t depend on where you are or how you sit: it is simply a desire to find out who you really are. Although we may appear different, under the surface we are all the same because we are all looking for love. We just have to quiet our minds, listen to our hearts, and we will find it.”

Smiling, she takes her backpack and goes peacefully off the bus, ready to face another day.

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