A cup of hot filter coffee is hard to find in Italy

Remember the review on the American bar in Florence? I discovered another great place for Usa lovers like me, this time in Milan. It’s called American Donuts, and the name should tell you something already.

I went in this food paradise last Sunday at around 12 with some friends, very hungry because we had no breakfast that morning. Of course, we wanted to be sure to taste the best of the place.

The temptation to eat all the desserts in the expositors became unresistable as we got in.

The main room was large, had white comfy chairs, white tables on two sides and walls painted with the American flag. Dozens of muffins, cakes, scones and – obviously – donuts were looking at us from behind a glass. But we were not there just to eat desserts: we wanted the brunch.

We all ordered a Hollywood platter, which included scrambled eggs, bread with different sauces, and we could choose if we wanted pancakes or french toast, ham or bacon. I got pancakes and ham, which were tasteful enough. Orange juice was included and we could refill our cups of filter coffee as many times as we liked.

Usually, this is very dangerous with me as a client, but – luckily for the bar owner- I was too full of food to be able to drink more than two mugs. There were so many things in the various plates and on the table, that I didn’t know where to start. Finally, I made it and ate everything- except from the salty sauces.

We spent 17€ each, all included. Reasonable and entertaing: a real evasion from Italy.


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