What you need:

parboiled rice (2 glasses per person + 1 for the greedy one)
a generous wisp of sage
1/2 yellow onion
parmesan cheese
butter, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper

How to prepare:

The recipe is very easy, and it’s the same process you must do for any kind of risotto – good to know – you need to stay actively in the kitchen for half an hour, but you won’t regret it. It all starts with the onion: clean it and cut it into small pieces, then wash it and put it in a large pan, where you’ve previously poured two or three spoons of extra virgin olive oil. At one side, prepare the broth: wash well the leaves of sage and put them in a pot with water until it boils, keeping the fire low and leaving it there. Put the rice you think you need, and maybe some more, in a bowl. Now turn the fire on and put the pan on it,  mix your onion and oil with a wooden spoon and when you hear it’s crackling (it means it’s starting to fry), add the rice and two glasses of broth. Blend it carefully and always in the same sense (I don’t know why, but they say it’s better).

Now most of the work is done, you just have to mix the rice sometimes and add other broth when it’s too dry – don’t add too much of it, you just need to cover the rice each time (a couple of glasses is enough). Taste it to check the consistence of the grains and stop adding broth when you think it’s almost ready. When it’s dry, turn the fire off and add parmesan cheese and butter as you like (you can do the light version without butter or the fat version with any cheese you want). Adjust with salt and pepper, serve and enjoy your well-deserved risotto.

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