Pinky street art

As I was working on my metaphor and looking for an image to add to the post on the optimistic view that leads to pink glasses of a meaningful life, I found some interesting stories. Immersed in the serendipity tunnel of the search engine, I followed one link after the other and here I am, collecting photos of street artworks and reading about the provocative urban art scene.

One in particular resonates with what I wanted to say in my post. Sea Pink by Swiss artist Marc Moser represents a gigantic pair of sun grasses with pink lenses that sits apparently abandoned on the sand in Aahrus. Part of the expo “Sculptures by the Sea Aarhus 2011”, this piece of art encouraged people to look at the world with a different perspective. A pink one. And we know that everything looks funnier when it’s pink.

Here’s how the artist describes his projects: “The various forms of my works look critically at changed values and perspectives. In this context, cracks and breaks are supporting elements, detachments are space, and enlargements are cognitions”.

Interaction with art is what allows us to find our own meaning, rethink about life and how look at the world. What gives more impact than an everyday object reproduced in large scale and abandoned on a busy public space?