Picture: Just chaos

A mysterious foreign man bought an anaconda snake in a local pet shop three months ago and never came back to collect it.

The meter-long yellow anaconda was bought in April for £250 in Aqua Rep the tropical pet shop in Harrow Road. According to the shop owner, the unknown man took it as a present for his wife and said he would come back to collect it as soon as possible – but the reptile is still in the shop.

“Usually we write down all the details of our customers, when they order this kinds of animals,” said Michelle, 23, shop assistant. “But he just came in one day and bought the first snake he saw in our expositors, so we don’t have a clue on how to contact him.”

The unusual pet – which still doesn’t have a name – comes from South America and needs to eat a frozen rat or mouse per week. “They usually live five years and can grow up to four meters long,” Michelle said. “And we must keep them in this tempered glass expositors.” But there’s not much space left.

There are three boa constrictors in the basement of the shop at the moment, that are about double the size of the young orphan anaconda. “They are not dangerous, if they stay behind a glass,” said Ben, snakes expert of the store.

“It has never happened that someone has bought a pet if they didn’t want it,” said Michelle. “We are confident the anaconda’s owner will soon come and collect it.”


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