What you need:

1 kg chestnuts



How to prepare:

This is a very easy recipe, perfect for kitchen dummies who like natural flavours and the fragrance of simplicity in a cold day. You just need to wash well the chestnuts, make a small horizontal cut in the skin. Then turn on the oven at the maximum heat, put the chestnuts in a casserole and put everything in the oven. Let it cook for about half an hour, turning them sometimes, and then check until you think they are ready. When the cuts become bigger and you start to see some black and yellow colors, you can take them from the oven and turn it off. Be careful not to burn your hands, let them cool down, call your friends and start to peel them with your fingers. If you’re in a good mood and you want a suggestion, try to drink some milk with it. Delicious.

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