Picture: SykoFantiS Bastoyni

Old fashioned former theatre with red interiors, Victorian decorations and statues all around: it’s the spectacular venue of the Koko club in Camden, London. As the old seats have been removed, there’s a lot of space to dance and move around the hall, and also an area with sofas for more relaxed outputs. The club allows only people under 18 in and is open from 5 to 11 p.m. during weekdays, unless there is a concert, and until 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Very easy to reach, Koko is located a few footsteps from the Mornington Crescent tube station and the area is very well served by nightbuses.

I went there with a group of friends around midnight a few weeks ago on Friday and we didn’t wait much to  get in, not outside, neither at the glass counter, where we paid £7. Although, there was a long line for the wardrobe: probably the two girls at the desk were getting confused by their unfunctional and slow duty of asking everyone £2 and their initials to sign the clothes.

Once we had left our jackets, we contined to a carpeted corridor which leads to the first floor of the main hall. The sight from there is spectacular: the stage is right in the front, the dj set a few steps below, and all the balconies are around. Two lateral spiral stairs lead to the ground floor, where a large dancefloor opens between the stage and a big crowded bar. Drinks cost £3.70 for a sprint mixer or a can of beer and £2.50 any glass of wine.

There’s also a second floor whith other balconies, toilets, a smaller bar, some plush sofas and a nice wide terrace which gives to Camden High Street.

The party started with the concert of the Californian group Young the Giant: the dancefloor was not very crowded at first but as they began to play, it quickly became full of people singing and waving at them. The six guys performed all their album and we would have liked to listen to them again but after half an hour a screen covered the stage and the dj started to put on recorded music.

Dancing was impossibile and we preferred to have a tour of the club. An endless line at the two bars persuaded us we were not thirsty anymore and we enjoyed the sight from one of the balconies. What is really cool about this club is that you can move around and chill out as you prefer.

As the second concert started and The Shoes began to play, we came downstairs again. Mix the two French guys at the drums with two guitars and you’ll have a stunning electro pop sound, perfect to dance. People got crazy while the group presented their first self-produced album, ready to be published on February 21st: the effect of the double drums was impressive, and all the dancefloor approved.

Unfortunately the performance didn’t last long and soon the night switched into the Club NME’s music. The rhythm was exciting but the hall was too crowded, especially by some annoying drunken people, while other guys threw alchohol from the balconies.

Anyway, it was overall a good event, the place was cool and the ticket was not too expensive. Going out, I’ve grabbed a fiew adverts of the next events and later I’ve visited the website to get more informations about its calendar. It’s good to check online before going to the club because the style changes depending on the nights, including indie, pop, funk, rave and electro music. Although, this is the usual plan every friday: two short concerts and indie music afterwards. I’m definitely planning another output to Koko.


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