Home arrest for the Italian bodybuilder who risked his life for doping

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A well-known Italian bodybuilder has been released from jail because he needs treatments against an overdose of anabolic steroids– the same he was arrested for pushing.

Daniele Seccarecci, 31, gave himself up last Wednesday, as he came back after an international competition in Las Vegas. Convicted for pushing steroids in gyms, he was inmate in the San Vittore jail of Milan, but he has now been released because of health problems.

According to the doctors, Mr Seccarecci didn’t have enough active principles to balance the doping and held all the liquids back, putting on up to five kilos in less than a week. Therefore, he was declared unfit for jail and will spend his conviction at home, where he will follow a compensation therapy. Other two people are at house arrest for the same inquest and a man is still fugitive.

This is a clear case of passion that goes beyond the limits, and turns into an obsession. When laziness and impatience overwhelm self-respecting and reason, a lot of people choose the easiest route, and drug sellers find their market open. Zomacton, Stanozolol, Testosterone and Trenaject are some of the most popular steroids that were sold by the criminal organization of Mr Seccarecci.

A lot of young people have been persuaded that those substances were not injurious, though they are proved to be so. “This behaviour is very dangerous because Daniele Seccarecci is an example for a lot of youths,” said the public prosecutor Nicola Balice, chief of the inquest run by the Nas department of Carabinieri of Milan.

Mr Seccarecci, in fact, is very popular among both fitness lovers and the general public as he participated to some TV programs and was elected the man with the largest forearms at The Show of Records. Saying to the cameras that his extraordinary body was only due to his physical efforts, he became a symbol for bodybuilders.

Partly because he is so popular, “This fact should make clear that taking these drugs is destructive to one’s health,” added Mr Balice.

But not every bodybuilder is involved in the doping market. The INBA, International Natural Bodybuilding Association, for example, is very strict on this point, and rules that “a positive drug test by an affiliate member at a sanctioned event will have all penalties outlined”. The association will also conduct random drug testing at each event as well as random testing to all members of the Natural Teams throughout the year: if the result is positive, the member will have to pay for its cost. No mercy for anyone who undermines the respectability of the association: it’s a matter of responsibility.

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Gyms and personal trainers must be very careful in their ambience and teach that is better a further hour of heights than any kind of pill. Additional substances and integrators shouldn’t even be considered as an option.

Mr Seccarecci is not the first bodybuilder to suffer from overdose of doping substances. Indeed, the inquest that led to the arrest of the man with the largest – fake – forearm started in 2009, when a 32-years-old man was recovered for health problems after he took anabolic steroids.

How many people must suffer before one stops selling doping? How many muscles must swallow before one understands that sport is hard training only? Long hours of hard workout and many wet t-shirts are the only ways to build a tonic and healthy body. Proved.

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