One of my favourites vegetables when the temperature is too hot is tomatoes. Remember the Filled tomatoes recipe I’ve already published? Here’s the summer version, a fresh and easy recipe for a finger food that will suit every garden or beach party.

Pomodori ripieni – summer version


What you need

7 red tomatoes (San Marzano, the long ones)

150 g of tuna in olive oil

2 eggs

1 handful of capers


Extra virgin olive oil



How to prepare

Boil some water in a small pan and cook two hard eggs. Wash well the tomatoes and cut them in two parts for the long side. With a little spoon remove the interior part of the tomato and put in on a side. You should have 14 red boats: dispose them on a large dish with the round side downwards. Now it’s the time of the filling. Drain the tuna and put in a bowl with the interior part of the tomatoes. Add the hard-cooked eggs cut in small pieces, a handful of mince capers, salt and some mayo (just a little bit, a couple of spoons). Mix with a fork and fill the tomatoes. Put it in the fridge for half an hour and your finger food is ready.




Picture: MoneyBlogNewz

Hundreds of coloured balloons, cartoons decorations, extravagant make-up, odd sunglasses and fancy dresses are all around. Outside the shop, the panel says: “Party-Party”. Inside, a waitress wearing Irish-fairy-wings instructs me: “The manager is upstairs.”

In a tiny room surrounded by fulfilled shelves, a man with a white sailor-hat is sorting out some muffin tins. He smiles at me and said, “Just a minute, we’re very busy in these days,” and turns to give a woman an 18inch-serving dish for a birthday dessert.

Francois is a party-man from the North-east of France, who came to London for a two-weeks holiday in 1997, and never moved back.

He wants me to guess his age and his peppy face lights up as he confirms,         “I’ll be 30 in May.” He is planning a smashing night, I bet.

Manager of the “Party-Party” shop in Kilburn since 2007, Francois has been working for ten years in the other branch of Dorsten, before the promotion.